Новый верхний пост!

Наконец! Добралась, переписала, и снова начинаю писать в жж-шку. Ну что ж, меня зовут Наташа. И я очень люблю горы- и все, что связано с движением и красивым. Для меня любое движение вреред всегда красиво, а красота - это всегда движение. Тяга к движению была так сильна, что в моей жизни случилось так, что я редко задерживаюсь на одном месте подолгу. А походы в горы всегда дают новый импульс для ускорения и нового этапа в жизни. Более того, горы распахнули для меня другую реальность - настоящий мир высокой этики, душевность и брутальность одновременно, ценность команды, ощущение дома. Таким же домом для меня стал Тибет. Попав в эту страну первый раз, я глубоко почувствовала его дух, чистоту этого буддийского мира, сохранившегося за могущественными Гималаями. Любовь к стране вечных снегов крепла с каждой поездкой, и тем самым росло желание сделать Тибет ближе людям. Мечта сбылась, когда мы вместе нашим тибетским другом Давой начали организовывать бюджетные поездки для друзей и знакомых)
И очень неравнодушна к спорту, тк это прекрасная возможность держать себя в форме для походов в горы, а участие в забегах мотивирует повышать планку раз за разом. И в этом году случился мой первый полумарофон, в планах пробежать марофон, а в мечтах - какой-нибудь ультра!
Что касается френдполитики, то добавляю интересные мне журналы, рада взаимности, если она искренняя!
Что ж, удачного общения нам!

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My opinion on “Zdravnitsa” (international psychosomatics center). Dmitry Raevsky is a founder.

Currently, our world suffers from disease, misunderstanding, rudeness, injustice. Some suffer from poverty, some from wealth,etc, etc... All are chains that bind us tightly. Did we really want this? In the philosophy school, which Dmitry has created and has been leading for many years, people learn to become true masters of their lives and become healthy - both in body and soul.

Even now, when the world has frozen in the face of the coronavirus pandemic (covid19), Dmitry provides free treatment for everyone, not only Russian speakers, but also English. 

The previous enormous virus pandemia was 100 years ago. And there wasn’t any pandemia until the beginning of 20th century. And now we have swine flu, bird influenza, SARS, and now COVID from Wuhan. Virologists say that there going to be more and more epidemics. If there were hundreds or ten years of time distance between the epidemic, now it is going to be years and months.

What about global warming? Even in “Mahatma Letters” of 1881 we read that underwater volcanoes would heat the oceans, and then would start to erupt. As a consequence that would bring to earthquakes and tsunami, which would wash out nearshore cities. And now the oceans has already warmed up, and the volcanoes are growing up. The hard times are coming. Helena Roerich predicted that the half of the humanity would die. 

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Dmitry Raevsky and negative opinion on him

I’ve heard such a misbelief million times about our company and our work. I will tell about it.

“You stop thinking and repeat blindly what he tells you”
“ He keeps you down”
“You behave like blind freaks, he uses you…”

I can share more similar phrases of people who think that the team of Dmitry Raevsky is a crowd of people without will and freedom, but I am not continuing it now.

The world is divided into two types of people: people of weak and strong psychology. 

Weak people see negative things, suppressing in everything. They are often in the state of a victim, they are always looking for a guilty one and an offender. Moreover, their main enemy is… Guess who? It goes without saying their enemy is that one who has a strong psychology.

Visa versa with the strong ones. They can take any feedback, correct their mistakes, they do not feel being a victim and depend on the circumstances around them. They are never offended, they see the causes of things, they always cooperate, and the most important thing is – they are leaders and unite people. And they usually do not stand weak people. Why? As weak people are taking the inner energy towards them.

As a result this two psychologies are look like water and oil – they are not mixed.

Well, let’s come back to ill-wishers.

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Dmitry Raevsky. What and how does he teach?

First of all I’d like to share my own experience of studying. Actually when I met him I was amazed by the wisdom and simplicity that I could here in his words. There was a feeling that I got home to the depths of my soul. There was so much harmony of views, inner openness and decency, high moral values.


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The methods of studying at the School of Wisdom. The absolute truth

The studying at the School of Wisdom is completely different from the traditional methods. It is a place where people develop their way of thinking, their thought.

And the most effective method is Socrates circle of thought. People show their point of view and Dmitry Raevsky show the direction to go deeper into the essence of things. It takes time, but in the end the students feel that their mind and way of thinking deepens and enlarges. They start to see everything from other deeper and larger point of view. They touch the real wisdom.

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My personal opinion on School of wisdom. Dmitry Raevsky is a founder

The school of wisdom was founded by Dmitry Raevsky in 2007. That year he started sharing the sacred knowledge given to him in Tibet. He gave the knowledge generously to people with a dream to create the school where people deepen their thought and develop a real brotherhood between students. A real system of developing inner strength of people was created step by step.

Today I want to tell you more about the school of wisdom. It is based on 6 types of yoga. Each student needs to develop all of them.

 It really takes time, but as there is a system of curators, small groups, mountaineering the quick development is possible.
There are 6 types of yoga, and according to them, 6 types of people.

Karma, Jnana, Bhakti and Hatha are like a foundation, four corners of a pyramid. The basis. Most people naturally gravitate towards one of these four.

Karma yoga is the teaching of how to treat life stoically, work hard, do your best and achieve results effectively without exhausting yourself. By and large, this is about hard workers, builders, farmers, honest businessmen, masters and craftsmen.

There are Jnana-yogis — those who try to deeply understand everything, build logical chains, algorithms. That is, people of intellectual labor, scholars, scientists. Those who follow the path of knowledge.

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The truth about Dmitry Raevsky and his coworkers

Socrates said that the Truth is in everyone and the task of the philosopher is to help it to be born.

First and foremost that is done in the school of wisdom of Dmitry Raevsky — His idea is to help to reveal the hidden treasure is spread to every person, every colleague. That is why the atmosphere is completely different here. People are Not working, they are making their dreams come true. As I am in his team more than seven years, I can say that we are not even coworkers, we are very close friends. That is a real huge difference.

The first thing that we are work at is ethics. It is living ethics. Quarrels, finding fault with everyone are prohibited. As any negative attitude is killing not only the project, but relationship between people. In our team the relationship is put above, top managers or leaders are always equal to everyone. Moreover, everyone tries to lead some project, so everyone can understand deeply that managing is not so easy, and every project is done by team, equal team, no one is grabbing the success. And everyone is open, people can contact each other any time, discuss any problems, and everything is going from heart.

The second thing is synergy. There aren’t any ratings of people competence. People are all unique, everyone has his own treasure. People feel that special atmosphere is uniting them. It is a total respect between us. Team, its atmosphere, team results are always put above, and the opinion of each person is taken into consideration.

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About the future. What will happen in the upcoming years?

People often ask Dmitry Raevsky what kind of cataclysms are coming, what is the Golden Age, how will the Transition to a New World actually happen? He’s studied this question thoroughly. There is enough info about this in Helena Roerich's Letters. He also asked his Tibetan Teacher and now he is writing a book on that. 

In this video Dmitry talks about this topic in details (just turn on Eng subs!):

How to change? How to pass the transformation? How to make your loved ones and yourself become carriers of a New World right now? This is what his students and Dmitry teach at his school. They give very practical things and  motto of school is "Change is inevitable" (in a good way, of course!)), because no one will stay the same.

To become solar, to acquire consciousness of the Golden Age - this is the Goal that the school set for the students.
Today almost everyone can join us and try their hand!

“Zdravnitsa” project (international psychosomatics center):

Dmitry Raevsky site:

Dmitry Raevsky School:

Dmitry Raevsky. My independent opinion.

I'd been looking for a real Teacher since 14 years. My inner voice was telling me that there had to be real knowledge and guru to reveal my hidden potential. I was not taking all the university education too seriously. It was nothing to me, but just a profession to live in the society. Deep inside I always knew that one day I would start my real education.  

I was really into life and loved it. And I still love. But my inner desire to understand the flow of life was pushing to meet new people, travel, to make new friends. Once I met Alex in one of the literature parties. I was suprised by his calmness and inner harmony, manner of speaking and respect to everyone. We became friends.

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Школа Раевского. Зачем?

В мультфильме про Панду По мне очень понравилась фраза Панды к Учителю: "Я думал, что ты сделаешь из меня не меня!" Все мы мечтаем, что кто-то из нас что-то сделает. Школа, институт, друзья, родители, работы - они учат и закаляют. Но хочется пройти какой-то короткой тропой, и стать тем, кем в обычной жизни стать не получится. Прям как в фильме "Невероятная жизнь Уолтера Митти". Был обычный парень, даже неудачник, и тут - пошёл по стопам великого человека и изменился сам, стал совсем другим, таким о котором только мечтал...

Но разве это возможно? Мы ведь знаем, если где-то стало больше, значит туда кто-то добавил. Само собой из ничего не берется. Чтобы человек состоялся, нужно чтобы в него кто-то вложился. Опытом, временем, знаниями, умом, душой и сердцем. Без этого человека не развить. И не так уж и важен формат, в котором такие преображения с человеком произойдут. Учителем жизни может стать тренер в спорте, учитель в музыке или начальник в бизнесе. Лишь бы он умел вкладываться в человека. Но много ли таких, кто вкладывается, растит человека? Долгие годы я учился этому искусству взращивания человека. И многих взрастил. Школа - это когда уже не штучный продукт, но поток, и при этом (желательно) без потери качества, чтобы так же хорошо, как и штучный, но без ограничений в числе)))
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Ещё о школе здесь. Присоединяйтесь.